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The success of new generation depends on the quality of education they receive. When students understand what they learn, their interest to learn increases. Galaxyreach helps to achieve this objective by developing iPad and iPhone educational applications targeted to make learning more fun.

Spelling Bee Challenge now on App Store!

Are you preparing for National Spelling Bee championship? Do you want to improve your English vocabulary skills? Do you want to play a Spelling game with your friends? Do you want to receive high verbal score in College entrance tests? Then this is the right app for you! The Spelling Game has 10 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. You can practice spelling, take test, or take part in the Spell Bee challenge. Each round includes randomly selected words, and provides options to ask for the definition, part of speech, language of origin, and sentence usage. The word list keeps growing everyday, so you will never find a shortage of words to practice!


  • High quality synthesized voice
  • Over 13,000+ words and counting
  • Words can be recorded using your own voice
  • You can save words to a word list
  • Word definition, part of speech, origin, and sentence examples can be viewed in text mode as well (word itself can also be viewed in text mode when practicing)

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