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3D Virtual World - Mars Rover


Please visit http://www.parallelgraphics.com/products/cortona/ to install VRML plugin in order to view this page
  Mars Rover
This virtual world was developed using Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). You can use any VRML plugins (such as Cortona) to view this world.

This program explores Mars surface using Mars Rover, Opportunity. The VRML includes a variety of land marks explored by this Rover. There are several view points provided in the program, with a few of them covering the various land marks uncovered by this Mars Rover. Highlight of this program is the touring viewpoint, during which Rover takes you to the various Martian landmarks, along with an audio description. Appropriate audio messages are generated based on proximity sensor detection.

Usage Description:
1. Select viewpoints (right click mouse) to navigate to one of the 14 viewpoints provided. Most interesting viewpoint is touring viewpoint, in which Rover takes you to a guided tour, with audio description of various landmarks as it approaches them.
2. Clicking on any part of the screen freezes animation. Clicking again will restart animation.
3. To stop wheels from rotating, simply click on them. Clicking the wheels again causes them to rotate.
4. Some of the images used for elevation grid are of high resolution. If the Internet speed is low, it may take a while to download the images.