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3D Tennis Game


  3D Tennis Game
This game utilizes Java 3D technology. The game works as follows:

One of the racquets represents computer controlled player and moves semi-randomly. The other racquet represents the user, who can control the racquet movements using keyboard controls. The ball will be in continuous motion, and the scores are represented by how many hits vs misses that the user accomplished. User can move forward, backward, left, right, up, and down. Also, viewpoint can be rotated. Different viewpoint positions are supported such as opposite view, top view, and side view.

Here are a few keyboad controls for this game (you have to first click on the screen before using the key controls):

Up arrow key: Moves the player's rackquet forward (and also moves the viewpoint forward)
Down arrow key: Moves the player' racquet backward (and also moves the viewpoint backward)
Left arrow key: Moves player's racquet left
Right arrow key: Moves player's racquet right
Alt-Up: Moves player's racquet up
Alt-down: Moves player's racquet down
Ctl-Up: Rotate viewpoint right
Ctl-Down: Rotate viewpoint left
Space: Reset players' positions
F1: Switch players' positions
F2: Top View
F3: Side view
+ (plus): Causes the ball to move faster
- (minus): Causes the ball to move slower
S: Enable or disable viewing score in real time (score will always be accumulated, only the viewing is affected).

The game also supports examine mode using Orbit behavior. Since only one platform behavior can be active at one time, one cannot use the keyboard controls while examining the view using the mouse.

Quick Tip:
1. To freeze scoreboard display, press S. Pressing S again causes the score to appear again. Note that real score is always accumulated.
2. To reset players’ positions, simply press the spacebar. For example, you may want to reset the positions after examining the view using examine mode (Orbit behavior).